Scotch-Irish Society of America

Scotch-Irish Society of America 1889

The Tennessee branch of the Scotch-Irish Society of America was dominated by people from Nashville. Among the members from the city was John Campbell, born in Ramelton, who was the secretary and treasurer of the Nashville Cotton Seed Oil Company.

'All the marks of the Ulster Scot are strongly stamped upon him'

The ‘Makemie Tour’, 1893

In 1893, some members of the Society travelled to Ulster to retrace the steps of Rev. Francis Makemie. They stayed at Jury’s Hotel in Londonderry. The tour was led by Rev. John S. Macintosh of Philadelphia, previously minister of Kells Presbyterian Church in County Antrim.

Details of the tour are given in the 1893 Proceedings:

‘The morning is clear and bright ... we start out to find that old sexton on the “meetin’-hoose” who remembers more of the “auld-farrant crack” than any other man in this old fashioned town ... “Ou-ay! Yer’ afther Makemie, air ye? Weel, ye may speer al’ roon, ye’ll no’ mak’ muckle o’t. Hooaniver ...’

Jury's Hotel Londonderry
Scotch-Irish Congress