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  • C.S.Lewis - The Island of his birth

    Writer and lay theologian

    Authentic Ulster

  • Ulster-Scots and the Declaration of Independance

    Ulster-Scots and the Declaration of Independance

    The influence of Ulster-Scots Presbyterians was heavily stamped on the American Declaration of Independence 1776.

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  • For Valour

    For Valour

    Ulster VCs of The Great War.

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  • savannah pdf preview

    The Scotch-Irish in Savannah

    The Scotch-Irish story in Savannah is not as well known or as prominent as in other places in America.

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  • Danders Aroon- Delamont

    A video guide to a walking tour of Delamont.

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  • Understanding the Ulster Covenant - The Leaders

    Understanding the Ulster Covenant

    The Leaders.

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  • Unit 05: Game 11

    Unit 05: Game 11

    NOUNS: Re-arrange these sentences, which are entirely written in Ulster-Scots. Do you understand them?

  • Unit 02: Game 04

    Unit 02: Game 04

    EXPRESSIVE WORDS: Match a wider selection of Ulster-Scots words with their English translations in less time!

  • 'Dirigo' - The Maine Lambeg Drum

    The State of Maine, USA celebrated its bicentennial in 2020 and in recognition of the close partnership the Ulster-Scots Agency has with

    Ulster Scots

  • November 2013

    The Ulster-Scot - November 2013

    The official newspaper for the Ulster-Scots Agency / Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch.

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  • Ulster-Scots Music Traditions: Learning to Play the Lambeg Drum Part 1

    In these two films the viewer is introduced to some basic Lambeg drumming techniques and rhythms.

    Ulster Scots

  • Donegal 400

    Donegal 400

    County Donegal & The Plantation of Ulster.

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  • Unit 02: Game 05

    Unit 02: Game 05

    EXPRESSIVE WORDS: Match pairs from the first set of Unit 02 Ulster-Scots words that you have learned.

  • Famous Ulster-Scots Cover

    Famous Ulster-Scots

    A list of 16 famous Ulster-Scots.

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  • Audio default cover

    Newtownards Time

    Hear more on Rhythms of Ulster - County Down.

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