Ingenious Ulster

Ingenious Ulster uses the inventions of four Ulster-Scots greats to provide teachers with a STEM resource that can be used from Foundation to Key Stage 2.

Aligned with the Northern Ireland Curriculum, each Unit has four activities and a range of extension activities with a STEM focus, although the Arts, Digital Technology, Language and Literacy, Mathematics, and Personal Development and Mutual Understanding have also been included.

An introductory animation about the invention of each Ulster-Scots great provides a focus for all units of work, and teachers have been provided with a range of pupil resources and appropriate background information.

Through active and participatory learning, Ingenious Ulster encourages pupils to become enquirers and creators, bringing the inventions of the past into the present day.

You may adapt the activities within this resource to suit the learning needs of your pupils. Teacher support should be given, where appropriate, and activities can be made more sensory, if required.