Ulster-Scots Poetry & Literature Archive

The Ulster-Scots language has a rich heritage in the poetry world, from Rabbie Burns to W. F. Marshall, and it has proved to be a valuable resource to academics and linguists alike.

Featuring some of the best contemporary Ulster-Scots poets, such as Charlie Gillen, Ann McMaster, Angeline King, Angela Graham and Liam Logan, this large collection of recordings of both audio and video content aims to highlight and preserve their important works. Watch performances of poems like 'Praitas' and 'Hame', and listen to recordings on themes such as war, farming, love and loss, and reminisce of a time long gone in poems such as 'Whun All the Kye Had Names'.

This archive shows how the language can be both beautiful and poignant and can be used as a resource for those who want to find out more about Ulster-Scots language, heritage and Culture. This project was funded by the Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund and was created by Negative Waves and Sub-Culture Productions.


Audio Archive

This Archive, which features over 50 different works, can be accessed below:

Charlie Gillen

Angeline King

Anne McMaster

Angela Graham

Liam Logan