The Land of Promise School Production

Land of Promise” is a teaching and learning programme using the migration of Ulster-Scots families to America in the 18th century as a focus. Through a range of curriculum-based teaching and learning activities it is designed to provide engaging content that supports teaching aspects of history and culture that are shared between Ulster and America. It uses an historical context to provide learning opportunities about present day displacement of families for the exploration of issues around emigration and immigration.

This production is designed to reinforce that curriculum-based learning through active participation in drama and music. As well as reinforcing learning, children will have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience which will make a valuable contribution to their personal development.

Performing the play to a school community audience helps raise awareness about the subject and allow children to demonstrate their learning to their families and wider communities.

Many of these people left Ulster and migrated to escape religious and social persecution in Ireland and to build new lives in America. They were people of strong character, ingenuity and resourcefulness, and these characteristics helped them and their descendants become pioneers, patriots and even presidents in America.

“Land of Promise” is dedicated to them and to their enduring legacy.

Ulster-Scots Medley
Unlock the Door
Life on Board
Land of Promise
Far Away

Original music was composed and arranged for the production by Dr J Harper. A music and sound effects CD is included in the production.
The ‘Ulster-Scots Medley’ is arranged by Michael McCracken.
All of the music in the tracks is performed by Michael McCracken.

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