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  • From Ulster to Savannah Taster

    This film features the trip made by The Omagh Protestant Boys Melody Flute Band to the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Savannah, Georgia, USA,

    Ulster Scots

  • Maine Ulster Scots Project

    The Maine Ulster-Scots Project (MUSP) is a not-for-profit organistion established in 2006 by a group of volunteer enthusiasts in Amine US

    Rebecca Graham

  • Belfast - Ulster and Maine

    This is the story of two Belfast's - 3,000 miles apart. Two ports linked by name, by culture, and by shared tradition.

    Ulster Scots

  • Londonderry - Ulster and New Hampshire

    The early Ulster-Scots settlers in America often named their settlements after the places they left behind in Ulster.

    Ulster Scots

  • 1718 Ulster-Scots Migration to America

    In 1718, the first organised migration of Ulster-Scots Presbyterians took place.

    Ulster Scots

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