Ulster-Scots Language

The Ulster-Scots Agency supports and promotes the Ulster-Scots language through development of resources, publications and events. ‘Leid’ or ‘language’ week is now an annual series of events that seek to promote the language and takes place in November.

A Wheen o Wurds

The Wheen o Wurds resource is intended to help people understand that no matter where we come from or what community we belong to, everyone in Ulster has a wee bit of Ulster-Scots and that is something that we should all be proud of.

A Wheen o Wurds

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Wee Guide to Ulster-Scots

A Wee Guide to Ulster-Scots

This wee guide will help you to be aware of Ulster-Scots and understand it when you hear it.

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Answering 10 nonsense myths about Ulster-Scots

Answering 10 nonsense myths about Ulster-Scots

Most people in Northern Ireland respect cultural diversity and have respect for Ulster-Scots identity and language.

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