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  • Ulster Covenant & Scotland

    Ulster Covenant & Scotland

    The links and history with Ulster & Scotland.

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  • Ulster Volunteer Force

    Ulster Volunteer Force

    January 1913

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  • Understanding the Ulster Covenant - The Leaders

    Understanding the Ulster Covenant

    The Leaders.

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  • Understanding the Ulster Covenant

    Understanding the Ulster Covenant

    At the beginning of 1909 there was nothing to suggest that the Irish problem was about to enter its most acute phase.

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  • Young Citizen Volunteers

    Young Citizen Volunteers

    10th September 1912

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  • Fergie an Freens

    Fergie an Freens

    The text of this book has been written in the Ulster-Scots language of rural mid-Antrim.

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  • Wee Guide to Ulster-Scots

    A Wee Guide to Ulster-Scots

    This wee guide will help you to be aware of Ulster-Scots and understand it when you hear it.

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  • B Flat Marching Flute

    B Flat Marching Flute

    Lessons for beginners.

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  • From Folk to Country

    From Folk to Country

    How the Ulster-Scots influenced music in America.

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  • The Fife

    The Fife

    An Ulster musical tradition.

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  • The Lambeg Drum

    The Lambeg Drum

    Creating Ulster's unique traditional instrument.

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  • Famous Ulster-Scots Cover

    Famous Ulster-Scots

    A list of 16 famous Ulster-Scots.

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  • Henry Cooke

    Henry Cooke

    Henry Cooke was one of the most influential Presbyterian ministers of the nineteenth century.

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  • Herstory 2

    Herstory 2

    Profiles of eight more Ulster-Scots Women.

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  • Herstory


    Profiles of eight Ulster-Scots women.

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