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  • CS Lewis - Born In Belfast

    Writer and lay theologian

    Authentic Ulster

  • Ulster-Scots Food traditions taster

    Celebrity chef Paula McIntyre demonstrates how to prepare a range of dishes that reflect Ulster-Scots food traditions.

    Ulster Scots

  • Black Pudding & Clapshot

    In this video, Paula serves black pudding topped with onions and mustard seed juices.

    Ulster Scots

  • Soda Bread Farls

    In this video Paula uses buttermilk which is a by-product of the butter she has made to bake three different types of soda bread.

    Ulster Scots

  • Buttermilk cream with sloe gin blackberries and oat cakes

    Buttermilk cream is flavoured with meadowsweet or mead wort, a wildflower that grows in damp environments.

    Ulster Scots

  • Clootie Dumpling and Elderflower Cider Custard

    ‘Clootie’ is Ulster-Scots for cloth and this rich pudding is made by boiling the ingredients wrapped in cloth. 

    Ulster Scots

  • 'Crowdie' or 'crying cheese'

    In this video Paula makes ‘crowdie’, a ricotta style cheese.

    Ulster Scots

  • Ulster potato bread or 'fadge' farls

    Fadge is the traditional Ulster-Scots word for potato bread. There are regional variations of the traditional recipe. 

    Ulster Scots

  • Fruit Soda Slims

    In this video Paula creates a slim using a traditional soda bread recipe cooked on a griddle. 

    Ulster Scots

  • Mackerel And Herrings with Mealie Crushie

    This dish is prepared using ‘mealie crushie’ – oats fried with bacon and uses scallions to accompany fresh mackerel and soused (raw prese

    Ulster Scots

  • Lamb Hock and Nettle Champ

    Champ is a traditional Ulster potato dish, usually made by combining potatoes with scallions (spring onions).

    Ulster Scots

  • Lamb in Stout and Honey with Neeps

    Stout with dulse (dried seaweed) is used in this lamb dish which is accompanied by neeps (Ulster-Scots for turnip or swede).

    Ulster Scots

  • Lough Neagh Pollan and Kohlrabi and Apple Butter

    Pollan is a freshwater whitefish known only to come from five lakes in Ireland, including Lough Neagh and Lough Erne in Ulster.

    Ulster Scots

  • Molly Gowan and Clappy Doos with Kale

    Paula prepares monkfish (known as Molly Gowan) and mussels (known as clappy doos) with dried and smoked dulse (seaweed) and serves with k

    Ulster Scots

  • Oatmeal and Treacle Pancakes with Damson Syrup

    In this video, Paula serves warm oatmeal pancakes served with a drizzle of fruit syrup.

    Ulster Scots

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