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  • CS Lewis & The Great War

    Writer and lay theologian

    Authentic Ulster

  • November 2013

    The Ulster-Scot - November 2013

    The official newspaper for the Ulster-Scots Agency / Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch.

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  • Unit 04: Game 10

    Unit 04: Game 10

    QUANTITIES: Place the correct Ulster-Scots word into the English sentence to win a berry and feed the frog.

  • Ulster-Scot Newspaper - May 2015

    The Ulster-Scot - May 2015

    The official newspaper for the Ulster-Scots Agency / Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch.

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  • Patriots, Pioneers and Presidents PDF

    Patriots, Pioneers and Presidents

    Stories of the Scotch-Irish.

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  • Edward Bruce PDF

    Edward Bruce - The Bruce’s and Ireland

    The Bruce Campaign in Ireland.

    5.09 MB

  • A Bit o a Yarn in Ulster-Scots language. Water

    In this video two Ulster-Scots speakers have a light-hearted conversation (or yarn) beginning with the Armoy Armada and the County Antrim

    Ulster Scots

  • Unit 04: Game 11

    Unit 04: Game 11

    QUANTITIES: Re-arrange these sentences, which are entirely written in Ulster-Scots. Do you understand them yet?

  • Unit 05: Game 08

    Unit 05: Game 08

    NOUNS: Match pairs of all the Unit 05 Ulster-Scots nouns that you have learned. You have 50 seconds!

  • New York

    New York

    The Scotch-Irish story in New York can be traced back over 300 years and is an important part of the city’s history.

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  • Ulster-Scots & New England

    The Ulster-Scots and New England

    Scotch-Irish foundations in the New World.

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  • Linenopolis (Lagan)

    A look at how Ulster Scots industrialists helped drive the transformation of Belfast.

    NPE Media Ltd

  • Ulster-Scots Music Traditions: History of the Big Drum

    This film looks at the history and evolution of the Lambeg drum in Ulster from early European stave drums to the instrument we are famili

    Ulster Scots

  • Ulster-Scots Music Traditions: Learning to Play the Lambeg Drum Part 1

    In these two films the viewer is introduced to some basic Lambeg drumming techniques and rhythms.

    Ulster Scots

  • Londonderry - Ulster and New Hampshire

    The early Ulster-Scots settlers in America often named their settlements after the places they left behind in Ulster.

    Ulster Scots

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