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  • When Ulster Sailed West

    When Ulster Sailed West

    The Ulster-Scots contribution to the making of the United States.

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  • Lough Neagh Pollan and Kohlrabi and Apple Butter

    Pollan is a freshwater whitefish known only to come from five lakes in Ireland, including Lough Neagh and Lough Erne in Ulster.

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    Three and Seven

    Three and Seven

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  • A Bit o a Yarn in Ulster-Scots language. Measurements

    In this video two Ulster-Scots speakers have a light-hearted conversation (or yarn) about measurements and quantities.

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  • Ulster & New Zealand

    Ulster & New Zealand

    Migration, Interaction & Legacy.

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  • Ulster potato bread or 'fadge' farls

    Fadge is the traditional Ulster-Scots word for potato bread. There are regional variations of the traditional recipe. 

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  • Sons and Daughters of Donegal

    Sons and Daughters of Donegal

    Down through the years Donegal has produced many significant sons and daughters.

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  • The Lambeg Drum

    The Lambeg Drum

    Creating Ulster's unique traditional instrument.

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  • Unit 05: Game 07

    Unit 05: Game 07

    NOUNS: Match pairs of Unit 05 Ulster-Scots nouns that you have learned. You have 60 seconds!

  • Unit 01: Game 11

    Unit 01: Game 11

    COMMON WORDS: Re-arrange the sentences, which are mostly in English but feature one Ulster-Scots word. Do you recognise which one?

  • Master's of the Sea

    Master's of the Sea

    Belfast is a maritime city of global trade and emigration to the four corners of the world.

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    Jig Time

    Jig Time

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  • Discover Dunluce - the Castle and Lost Town

    Discover Dunluce - the Castle and Lost Town

    Dunluce Castle is one of Northern Ireland’s most iconic historic monuments.

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    Wilson Homestead

    Wilson Homestead

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  • 'The Weavin' (Lagan)

    Mark Thompson reads 'The Weavin' by Agnes Kerr, a poem written in Ulster Scots.

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