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  • Covenant PDF

    Ulster Day: 28 September 1912

    The Campaign that became a Country.

    3.9 MB

  • C.S.Lewis - The Island of his birth

    Writer and lay theologian

    Authentic Ulster

  • The Desert Generals

    The Desert Generals

    The forgotten victory and the forgotten victor.

    1.17 MB

  • Ulster & Canada

    Ulster & Canada

    Ulster-Scots and the making of modern Canada.

    1.29 MB

  • Belfast Maritime Trail

    Belfast Maritime Trail

    Discover 16 Historic Locations in Belfast.

    11.51 MB

  • 'Crowdie' or 'crying cheese'

    In this video Paula makes ‘crowdie’, a ricotta style cheese.

    Ulster Scots

  • Words Fae Hearth An' Hame

    Words Fae Hearth An' Hame

    Ulster-Scots: the ‘heart language’ of Ards and North Down.

    2.05 MB

  • Wee Guide to Ulster-Scots

    Wee Guide to Ulster-Scots

    This wee guide will help you to be aware of Ulster-Scots and understand it when you hear it.

    2.53 MB

  • Ulster Covenant & Scotland

    Ulster Covenant & Scotland

    The links and history with Ulster & Scotland.

    2.89 MB

  • Unit 02: Game 11

    Unit 02: Game 11

    EXPRESSIVE WORDS: Re-arrange these sentences, which are entirely written in Ulster-Scots word. Do you understand them yet?

  • Ulster-Scot Newspaper - November 2014

    The Ulster-Scot - November 2014

    The official newspaper for the Ulster-Scots Agency / Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch.

    22.75 MB

  • Unit 04: Game 03

    Unit 04: Game 03

    QUANTITIES: Match a selection of Ulster-Scots words with their English translations in less time!

  • Audio default cover

    Life on Board

    2.44 MB

  • Unit 04: Game 10

    Unit 04: Game 10

    QUANTITIES: Place the correct Ulster-Scots word into the English sentence to win a berry and feed the frog.

  • Unit 05: Game 06

    Unit 05: Game 06

    NOUNS: Match pairs of Unit 05 Ulster-Scots nouns that you have learned. You have 50 seconds!

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