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  • Londonderry - Ulster and New Hampshire

    The early Ulster-Scots settlers in America often named their settlements after the places they left behind in Ulster.

    Ulster Scots

  • Unit 01: Game 08

    Unit 01: Game 08

    COMMON WORDS: Match 8 pairs of the Ulster-Scots words you have learned in under 30 seconds to reveal the full picture.

  • Unit 04: Game 11

    Unit 04: Game 11

    QUANTITIES: Re-arrange these sentences, which are entirely written in Ulster-Scots. Do you understand them yet?

  • Unit 04: Game 06

    Unit 04: Game 06

    QUANTITIES: Match pairs of Unit 04 Ulster-Scots words that you have learned. You have 50 seconds!

  • Unit 03: Game 01

    Unit 03: Game 01

    ACTIONS: Match this first set of Unit 03 Ulster-Scots words with their English translations. You have 50 seconds!

  • Herstory 2

    Herstory 2

    Profiles of eight more Ulster-Scots Women.

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  • Surnames Map & Pocket Guide

    The Scots in Ulster Surnames Map & Pocket Guide

    Discover your roots. Learn the history. Visit the places.

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  • Dalriada (Dunseverick)

    Dr David Hume reveals the history of King Fergus and the Kingdom of Dalriada.

    NPE Media Ltd

  • Audio default cover

    Movilla Priory and Graveyard

    Movilla Priory and Graveyard

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  • Audio default cover

    Galgorm Parks Time

    Galgorm Parks Time

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  • Unit 02: Game 12

    Unit 02: Game 12

    EXPRESSIVE WORDS: Re-arrange these sentences, which are entirely written in Ulster-Scots word. Do you understand them yet?

  • Get to Grips with the Snare Drum

    Get to Grips with the Snare Drum

    This book is one of a series that supports the Ulster-Scots Agency music tuition programmes.

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  • The 'Wully Dooker' (Donaghadee)

    Meet the cormorant, or 'Wully Dooker' in Ulster Scots.

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  • Unit 05: Game 09

    Unit 05: Game 09

    NOUNS: Spell the words correctly to shoot an arrow at the target. Mistakes make your arrows fly wild!

  • Ower the Tuppenny

    Ower the Tuppenny

    A collection of short stories from in and around Gracehill and Ahoghill.

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