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  • Unit 01: Game 11

    Unit 01: Game 11

    COMMON WORDS: Re-arrange the sentences, which are mostly in English but feature one Ulster-Scots word. Do you recognise which one?

  • Whiskey cured spiced beef with barley and scallions

    Paula cures beef in Bushmills whiskey and spices before searing on the traditional griddle.

    Ulster Scots

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    Tandragee Time

    Hear more on Rhythms of Ulster - County Armagh.

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  • Black Pudding & Clapshot

    In this video, Paula serves black pudding topped with onions and mustard seed juices.

    Ulster Scots

  • Unit 04: Game 10

    Unit 04: Game 10

    QUANTITIES: Place the correct Ulster-Scots word into the English sentence to win a berry and feed the frog.

  • 1798 an aa that

    1798 an' a' that

    Radicalism, revolt and realignment.

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  • The Lambeg Drum

    The Lambeg Drum

    Creating Ulster's unique traditional instrument.

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    Ulster-Scots Medley

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  • Paula McIntyre MBE prepares a traditional Burns supper

    Paula McIntyre MBE prepares a traditional Burns supper with neeps, tatties and of course a haggis.

    Ulster Scots

  • A Wheen o Wurds II

    A Wheen o Wurds II

    Try to correctly match these Ulster-Scot words with their English equivalent.

  • A Bit o a Yarn in Ulster-Scots language. The Body

    In this video two Ulster-Scots speakers have a light-hearted conversation (or yarn) about parts of the body in Ulster-Scots.

    Ulster Scots

  • Young Citizen Volunteers

    Young Citizen Volunteers

    10th September 1912

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  • Ulster-Scot Newspaper - March 2018

    The Ulster-Scot - March 2018

    The official newspaper for the Ulster-Scots Agency / Tha Boord o Ulster-Scotch.

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  • Unit 01: Game 03

    Unit 01: Game 03

    COMMON WORDS: Match a wider variety of commonly used Ulster-Scots words with their English translations in less time!

  • Ulster Covenant Belfast PDF

    Belfast Covenant Trail

    Visit the historic places of September 1912.

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