Wilson House

DUS Watermark

Recently restored following a fire, this homestead is said to have been the birthplace of James Wilson, whose grandson was Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States (1913-21). The homestead is now owned by the Ulster-American Folk Park. It is fairly typical of the home of a Tyrone farming family of the 1800s. Whitewashed, it is thatched apart from a single upper room, which is slated. One of the most highly regarded Presidents, Woodrow Wilson was born in the Presbyterian manse in Staunton, Virginia, and grew up very conscious of his Scottish and Scotch-Irish ancestry. He once said, ‘The stern Covenanter tradition that is behind me sends many an echo down the years.’ On another occasion, with some humour, he remarked, ‘No-one who amounts to anything is without some Scotch-Irish blood.’


28 Spout Road, Dergalt, Strabane ,BT82 8NB

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