Ulster American Folk Park

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Through reconstructed buildings and exhibits, the Ulster-American Folk Park tells the story of what life was like in days gone by on both sides of the Atlantic. One of the most interesting buildings is the Campbell House. Originally standing at Aghalane to the west of Plumbridge in the Glenelly Valley, this substantial farmhouse was reconstructed in the Ulster-American Folk Park following its acquisition in 1985. It is of two storeys and six bays, with a thatched roof, and was clearly the home of a relatively prosperous farming family. An inscribed stone built into the front wall of the house states that it was built by Hugh Campbell in 1786.

A similar stone positioned close to the date stone features the coat of arms of the Duke of Argyll, thus emphasising the kinship that existed between the builder of this house and the aristocratic Campbells in Scotland. Born here is 1804 was Robert Campbell who went on to have a successful career in America as a fur trader before settling in St Louis where he pursued a successful business career. His home there has been preserved as a museum. Robert’s brother Hugh had been a successful businessman in Philadelphia before he too moved to St Louis and went into partnership with Robert.



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