Grey Abbey

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Grey Abbey and many of the surrounding townlands have been in the possession of the Montgomery family since 1607, when Sir Hugh Montgomery (later 1st Viscount Montgomery of The Great Ards) arrived in County Down from lowland Scotland. Hugh Montgomery, together with another entrepreneurial Scotsmen, James Hamilton, successfully planted thousands of Scottish settlers in the Ards and North Down. These hard-headed businessmen made the plantation of North Down and Ards happen, where English armies had failed.

The present Greyabbey House, also known as Rosemount, is the third on the site and was built in 1762. It is considered to be one of the finest Georgian country houses in Ireland. The house contains interesting architectural features and fine 18th century plasterwork. William Montgomery, who lives with his family at Grey Abbey estate today, is descended from the younger brother of the 1st Earl of Mount Alexander, Sir James Montgomery. The surrounding Rosemount Estate encompasses what is believed to be one of the first landscaped gardens in Ireland.


Grey Abbey, Newtownards, BT22 2QA

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